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“It's nice to hear the great music quality from my TV. The product itself is also very sleek, so it doesn't take up a lot of space in my living room.”

Ariana McSweeney
“Huge song selection! Name that tune is fun to play and the karaoke makes everyone a ham.”

Michael W
“Received this as a gift from a friend and we’ve gotten a ton of use out of it already. Decided to buy one for our next door neighbors.”

Debbie Hollingsworth

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4 bonus features unique to ROXI
Sound Machine is great for meditation, yoga and even sleep. Relax to the sounds of nature and so much more.

Worldwide Radio lets you instantly tune into 10,000 international radio stations! Including music, news, sports, talk, and culture. 
Sing With The Stars gets you singing along karaoke-style to 60,000 songs using the controller's built in mic and on-screen lyrics.

Name That Tune.
Think you know your music? Play music trivia games for your chance to top the leaderboard.

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